Herb Farm

At the Essential Garden Herb Farm we are fascinated by the power of herbs – for their medicinal, cosmetic and culinary qualities. Treasured for tens of thousands of years for their healing abilities and beneficial uses, herbs have a rich history with humans dating back to the Stone Age period.

With an abundance of chemicals and toxins bombarding us and our environment daily, there is a shift towards a more natural existence. Herbs and their beneficial properties are once again gathering momentum as a viable, natural alternative.

Our aim is to enlighten visitors to the magical possibilities of herbs. We offer fun, lively, educational workshops where you will make your own herbal creations. These could include face and body care products, household cleaners, personalised gift ideas and even pet care products.

Located just 40 minutes north of Auckland’s CBD, the Essential Garden Herb Farm is nestled in picturesque native bush and surrounded by abundant bird life.

Take the opportunity to smell, taste, touch and harvest a range of essential herbs. Join an inspiring and educational tour around the herb farm.

We also have accommodation available for that luxurious weekend away where you can enjoy the complimentary gift basket of products made at the Essential Garden, join a workshop and learn how to make your own herbal cosmetics, creams and lotions or simply soak up the relaxing environment. Airport pickup and drop-off, tours and excursions also available by negotiation.