The Starting Point

Our first challenge was to find a starting point on the layout of the designated area. This image shows the site of the Essential Garden before any measurements were done and areas marked out. Essential Garden looking north-west, just prior to marking up The starting point was determining exactly where the centre of the pathway […]


The Essential Garden Planning

When you decide that you want to create a herb garden, its size should be relative to the overall size of your property. With over 10 acres of land we were able to think big(ish). I say ‘ISH’ because we have seen some amazing herb gardens in our travels that would put our effort to […]


The Essential Garden

This blog will document the creation of the Essential Garden over a period of ten years. Due to work commitments and financial constraints we experienced long periods of inactivity with the project, however the same cannot be said of the plants and trees we planted around the perimeter in the early days. They basked in […]